The Four Corset & Waist Training Blogs You Should Be Following

Proper corset lacing making you loopy? Mystified by modesty panels? Read, watch and learn from the internet’s most prolific corset bloggers so you can get tight with tight lacing.

Lucy’s corsetry

The go-to corset aficionado and recommended by everyone from The Lingerie Addict to Orchid Corsetry, Lucy’s love and knowledge of corsets spans years, having first become interested in corsets from a very young age. “When I was 6, I came across the movie Gone with the Wind. I couldn’t stop staring at the costumes; the ladies all looked like dolls come to life, which – to any young girl – was a dream come true.” Lucy then made her first ‘real’ corset at 18 and began to wear corsets on a regular basis throughout university as she studied Biochemistry. Her passion for both science and corsetry is reflective in her writing and YouTube channel, as many of her posts focus on the health benefits of corsetry – it’s not all just about pretty lace and tiny waists!

Where to start reading:

The Orchard Corset Blog

Run and written my popular American corseterie Orchard Corset, this blog  focuses on beginners, their Corset 101 series answering any and all burning questions you may have about corsets and waist training. And for any queries you may still have – they answer reader-submitted questions on video regularly over on their YouTube channel. Most importantly, for those readers thinking that corsets are to be worn only in the boudoir, or under clothes to hide their waist training escapades, their Wear-It Wednesday series shows how you can incorporate your corsets into everyday wear. So if you’ve paid good money for a handmade, gorgeous corset – learn how to show it off!


The Lingerie Addict

Photo Credit: Poc Photo

Photo Credit: Poc Photo


Photo Credit: Lydia Hudgens

As the world’s largest blog dedicated to the fashion of intimate apparel, it’s hard to believe that The Lingerie Addict started out as a place for Cora Harrington just to sound off about one of her great passions. “For me, the appeal of lingerie is in allowing people to express their identity, particularly when that identity may be unavailable, inaccessible, or otherwise impossible in their outerwear or day-to-day life.” Quoted as a lingerie expert by major news outlets and with her blog hitting 750,000 views a month, Cora blogs about corsets and lingerie in a way that makes it accessible to people of all shapes, sizes, budgets and genders.


The corset channel

Photo Credit: Sew Curvy / Facebook

Photo Credit: Sew Curvy / Facebook

For those that are more D-I-Y than B-U-Y, Oxford-based Julia Bremble blogs about her many corset making exploits as owner of corset and sewing supply shop, Sew Curvy, ‘headteacher’ of Oxford School of Corsetry “The only dedicated place for learning the fascinating art of corsetry in the UK (if not the whole world!)”, designer of her own bespoke corset brand Clessidra and organiser of Oxford Conference of Corsetry, a huge, annual, weekend-long convention for corset-makers and corset-lovers alike.


Interviews with Julia Bremble, Lucy of Lucy’s Corsetry and Cora Harrington are all featured in the Get Waisted main feature.


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